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Prepare your salon for reopening and rebooking clients with this easy-to-follow guide of suggested practices for your salon.


Check in on your clients via text or email to see how they are doing. Let them know you are thinking of them and that you'll reach out soon to reschedule. Click to access e-blasts to send to your database. 
Stay connected with clients by sharing how-to videos and photos of your work to keep you top of mind as one of the first appointments they'll want to reschedule.
Check with your local state board and public health department for any new sanitation and social distancing policies. Whether voluntary or mandated, cleaning, sanitizing and observing distance protocols helps promote the safety and comfort of your staff and clientele.
Place your specialty services such as color and Brazilian Blowout at the top so that clients and potential new clients see your areas of expertise.


Prioritize your color and smoothing appointments for the first few weeks/month that you are reopened. This will allow you to service clients who need grey coverage, color grow out/fade refreshed and frizz removal while generating revenue to get you back on your feet. Schedule all cuts once all color and smoothing clientele have been serviced.
Start contacting your color and Brazilian Blowout clients. Schedule a minimum of 4 Brazilian Blowout services a week to take care of clients with very frizzy and/or damaged hair. This can generate an additional $1100+ ($275 average ticket price) in income in as little as 5 1/2 hours behind the chair. When rebooking clients, make sure to stagger appointments as required to meet the social distancing guidelines for your area.
Now is the time to make a list of what you need to perform services (ie Brazilian Blowout Original Solution, Ionic Cleanser etc). Replenish old product and low inventory so you don't run out. Order aftercare to ensure that color and Brazilian Blowout customers maintain their results.
Place an order with your Brazilian Blowout consultant to ensure you get the products you need in time. Keep in mind that many salons & studios will be reopening at the same time so service products will go fast. Also, ask about Rapid Reboot Purchase Programs that put professional products in your hand with minimal upfront costs for greater peace of mind as you catch up financially.
Having disposable face masks for you and for clients as well as disposable gloves and touch thermometers on hand provide an additional safety measure during this transitional period. Ask your consultant about purchasing a Salon Personal Protection Equipment Kit.


We have created a comprehensive easy-to-use Salon Sanitation Plan to ensure that your salon is properly sanitized prior to opening as well as listing suggested sanitation practices to follow on an on-going basis. Click to access.
Automate reminders for all rebooked appointments. If there are any cancellations for week one appointments, offer to move up VIP clients from week two for the same services to fill those spaces. Those clients will appreciate seeing you sooner and you'll keep revenue coming in.
Place easily visible marks using a durable material (ie electrical tape) on floors to meet official social distancing guidelines in your area. This should be done in your reception/retail area as well as workstations, shampoo area, color and break rooms.
Make sure that you have received all service products and that back bar, color room and retail shelves are properly stocked. This includes having plenty of gloves, capes, masks, bowls, applicator brushes, clips and other implementations.
Place signs at public entrances of your salon to inform staff and clients that they should avoid entering if they have a cough or fever and maintain a minimum distance from one another per state/federal guidelines. In addition, put signs in the reception area and restrooms to inform staff and clientele of cleaning and sanitation practices as well as social distancing guide lines. Click to access we've created print-ready salon signage.
It is vital salons and studios of all sizes adopt and adhere to the following guidelines to ensure the safest possible working environment for all who enter. These guidelines are to be strictly followed until notification from the Professional Beauty Association or your local government officials announce they can be modified or lifted. See below for guidelines established by the PBA Safe Salon Charter.
Whenever possible, disposable rubber gloves are to be worn when providing any services that require direct hand contact with the client. If this is not possible, wash hands with warm water and soap for at least 20 seconds before and after working in contact with clients. Whenever working with a client in close proximity, it is vital that a facial mask, preferably the ASTM Level 2, be worn. Masks and gloves should be disposed of after use with each client. If this is not possible due to a lack of availability of either item, masks and gloves should be cleansed and disinfected before being used again. Each salon staff member must have their body temperature taken before starting their work shift and again at the end of their work shift. If any staff member is feeling ill or has a temperature greater than 99.7 degrees Fahrenheit, they must leave work immediately and not return until they are feeling healthy and their temperature has returned to a normal range.
Clients must have their body temperature taken via touch thermometer prior to entering the salon. Clients with a temperature greater than 99.7 degrees Fahrenheit must not enter the salon. Any salon client that exhibits signs of illness must be denied salon services and must be asked to leave the salon. Do not shake hands with clients or salon personnel - whenever possible maintain the requisite 6ft social distancing.


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